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The Salami shop

You can order Deda's Smokehouse meats online and have them delivered straight to your door (Australia wide). Like the finer things in life (you and I), salami gets better with age. So don't be afraid to keep a few in the pantry so that you can whip up a great lunch or dinner when you're stuck on ideas.


Hand crafted, locally made, gluten free and sure to impress!

Please note due to the nature of handcrafted, our batches change in weight. As a result we adapt our pricing if weights become smaller or larger. We also do our best make sure the product you receive is the same or above the stated weight at the time of purchase. 

Free delivery applies for orders over $150

Choose your salami

Take your pick! Browse through our selection of delicious and versatile salami.

Check out

All ready? Just head to our secure checkout and enter your postage details. We deliver Australia wide. Your stomach is going to thank you.

we get busy

Now relax, while we pack up your goodies. Our salami are sealed and shelf-stable, so they don't mind a bit of a drive now and again.

Arrives straight to your door

Ta-dah! Get creating, or just add a bottle of wine! What time should we be over?

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