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A Market  Stall

Deda's Smokehouse runs as a market stall throughout the ACT and time-to-time in NSW. We specialise in artisan craftsmanship using premium australian meats. Our salami is made the traditional way with old family recipes passed through the generations. It's gluten free and keto friendly.

DEDA'S SMOKEHOUSE IS COLLABORATION WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO CREATE artisan crafted smallgoods that we grew up with.

Beautiful simply served WITH SOME BREAD, CHEESE, OLIVES & A GLASS OR TWO OF vino or add to YOUR FAVOURITE DISH. 

Find us currently at these markets in CANBERRA


Capital Region Farmers markets at EPIC 

the little burley market


Kingston OLD Bus Depot MARKETs

haig park Village markets

Like the travelling circus, markets come and go, so we may pop up at new events around town every now and again. Keep up to date on Instagram.

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