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Wine and Cheese

Locally made artisan salami

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We grew up as European Migrants in Australia with families who were loud, over-bearing and couldn't understand how vegemite works (note: do not spread as if jam). But as we grew older, so did our love for our parents and their ways. From mastering an artisan salami to hours of pastry making, it took us a few wise years to understand how precious these skills were.


This is where we accepted our roots and created Deda's Smokehouse. Deda's Smokehouse is a market stall that is founded in Canberra, ACT. We specialise in Artisan Craftsmanship using premium Australian meats. Our salami is made the traditional way with methods passed through generations. As we do not use fillers our salamis are gluten free and keto friendly.


Deda's Smokehouse is named after the men in our lives who spent countless hours each season, smoking and preserving meats in their own backyards. 'Deda' simply means 'Grandad'. For us, and many others, the Dedas in our lives will always hold a special place in our hearts.


Deda's smokehouse brings you the ingredients so that you may create many wonderful memories around your table. Like you and me, salami gets better with age. It is a versatile ingredient for soups, pastas, cheese boards and more! So cut it up for a family gathering and even throw in a compliment for Grandma that her tomato plants are looking great.


Food is love for the soul


We love meeting you all at our markets but we know that sometimes we aren't logistically able to attend every market.

Choose your favourite products and
have them delivered to your door! 

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